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Susan Atkins and anton levay


charles manson's girls | Charles Manson and Manson Family member collectible Gallery

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Manson Family Photos - Manson Family Today - Where are they now


Four of the Manson girls, kneeling in vigil for their cult leader. Los Angeles, 1969.


California Girls - Simon Liberati - Charles Manson Family

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Serial Killers: From Jack the Ripper to Charles Manson

This picture shows a man holding a chainsaw. the chain saw is a tool but is being presented as a forceful weapon. the blood and rust on the blade makes it appear to have been used as a murder weapon. His clothes are very tattered and mucky this suggests he is not civilised and does not wash or get changed this could suggest he is in hiding or is running from something. His face is very distorted


Rentrée littéraire 2016 : les Girls de Charles Manson se racontent dans deux romans intenses

Sharon Tate...killed by the Manson family. Saw her in the movie Valley of the Dolls--probably in '67. ee


Mary Brunner, Susan Atkins, and Catherine Share (aka Mother Mary, Sadie Mae Glutz, and Gypsy)