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This teacher did a great character study on the BFG. I think that's an excellent choice for character study! I also like to stress the difference between character traits and actions, then connect the two. Awesome anchor chart from


Visually appealing poster to help identify common triggers to negative emotions. A helpful tool to early anger management.This is a preview of my Button Pusher product that includes activities and fun worksheets to identify triggers, stages of anger, and helpful coping strategies coming very soon.Follow my Facebook page for a chance to win the Button Pusher product.


combine this sheet with adjective cloud/rainbow activity (like an acrostic poem) this sheet could be the organizer for prewriting/planning, put one letter of first name in each circle

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Understanding Characters

Teacher Trap|Understanding Characters. This article contains some solid ideas for anchor charts, like the one pictured above, for teaching students to think about character development. The visuals and simplicity of the designs make these ideas suitable for use with ELLs.


Describe that noun: This is a simple worksheet that is a web with words that describe the noun. This would help kids to learn more adjectives and also have fun describing different nouns!

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ABC's of Good Character

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Understanding Characters (Teacher Trap)

I love teaching character analysis!  I love looking closely at an interesting character and trying to uncover what makes them tick.  And in my experience, kids love this process, too.  Unfortunately, for many kiddos, understanding character traits is...