Teaching about character traits. Substitutes for generic terms like "mean" or "good" for when writers need to be more specific.

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This downloads in English only. This character trait word bank is a great support tool for beginner writers. Not only does it give students ideas of character traits to use in their writing, but it also helps them understand what the traits mean by grouping similar traits together in the chart.

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Even if you adore your protagonist and loathe your antagonist, it is important to remember that nobody is perfectly good, or perfectly evil. Every character will have positive and negative...

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This teacher did a great character study on the BFG. I think that's an excellent choice for character study! I also like to stress the difference between character traits and actions, then connect the two. Awesome anchor chart from oneextradegree.blogspot.com

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Make a "Character Trait Snowflake" for Wilson Bentley. Part of a rich and engaging literature unit for the book, Snowflake Bentley. Gr. 2-4 ($)

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