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and absolutely necessary when you shop low end/CHEAP or just plain ugly... el que compra feo y barrato, cambia y compra cada rato, lol #uyymamacitaqueenvidia

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Your happiness depends upon you and your thoughts. No-one else can think your thoughts for you. You choose every one of them.

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Wall Art for Women - Change Is Good- Wall Art Print - Digital Art Print - Wall Art -- Print

The Heather Stillufsen Collection from Rose Hill Designs on Facebook and shop on Etsy. All materials copyright protected.

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I created this by my own stupid behavior, I'm embarrassed about so many things. All you did was love me and show me what true love is. I messed it up. I'm sorry. I have to make this right, for me, I know I can do it. Please start with me again. Just a text to tell you good morning and goodnight, you don't have to respond, but please let me. Please start again with me, our love is worth it , you know my heart, you hold it in your hand. I have changed, please let me show you

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We always vote for choice #3 - give it all you've got. Compete for your life.

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Reading this book gives you a completely different outlook on things. This is a book worth reading!

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