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Also known as the killer whale, the ORCA is found throughout all the world’s oceans, and is believed to be the most widespread mammal species after humans. An intelligent and versatile predator, the orca shows a wide range of different hunting techniques. The orca is a social species, communicating using a variety of screams, clicks and whistles, as well as through physical behaviours such as breaching, slapping the flippers or tail, and ‘spyhopping’ (bringing the head out of the water).


Day trip to the Cham Islands

Just off the coast of Hoi An, Vietnam are the Cham Islands, which are made up of eight islands. Only the largest, Hon Lao, is inhabited with people. Motorboats race tourists across the nine miles of choppy water for a day trip to the Cham Islands. The itinerary included a quick look around the town, snorkeling, lunch and swimming.


Penguin has published new editions of a series of books by author Nancy Mitford, which have cover designs based on paintings of geometric patterns by artist Lourdes Sanchez.


Cham Island Diving Center : Cham Island Diving Center (PADI 36213) has been operating from Hoi An (30 km from Danang international airport), Vietnam since 2002. Our Dive Center and ...

✶ Located in Kampong Cham, CAMBODIA, the Bamboo Bridge is the major means of access to a nearby island in the dryer seasons of the year. Even crazier, the Bamboo Bridge is rebuilt every year and is expected to hold hundreds of people at any given time. The bridge has a framework made of bamboo sticks and a carpet of several layers of canes cut in halves extends over it, absorbing the impact of the vehicles.✶

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