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late 16C Pendant; gold; enamelled and jewelled; shaped, pierced plaque; Virgin(?) with chalice; quatrefoil pendant at base between two chains attached to pelican in her piety with jewelled wings and baroque pearl for breast; below: monster in coral attached by loops from which hang three quatrefoils with pearl at base of each.


-Variety of acans -Blastos:Purple with green centers. I have a 2 polyps of the PPE blasto but he got stung by accident from my scoly so he's in the back healing -2 Scolymias -Cynarina:My center piece in my tank. -Green Nepthea softie -Some favias:Christmas favia,Prism favia,Baby's Breath,Purple and green favia -Green Bubble coral -Some chalices: Pink Watermelon, Red Watermelon, Emerald Mummy Eye,BGM,Red chalice,Rainbow one and a Pink one. -Orange Fungia Plate coral with blue tips…