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Noelito Flow

tattoo inspiration . #celebrities #famous . Repins and likes are appreciated =) follow me @ and


Yogi's Journal

These decorative designs could lead to potential solutions for the spacecraft brief as they are eye catching and relatable to print work which is sold within the shop.


i want this down my back but larger and kind of squished together making a more jagged alignment ~Lillian May Barker


Get Your Self-Esteem On

I wanted to write about self esteem because I think we often only look at it from one angle. However, I find that for myself that self esteem issues tend to be isolated in certain spheres or areas of our lives. So while I may think I'm the "ish" at cooking eggs benedict or understanding people's motivations, I may feel like a complete loser when it comes to expressing my emotions or showing vulnerability (a very big problem for many men).  I like to look at things from a holistic…