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Chair Exercises

Trenuj odpoczywając. Już teraz masz okazje poprawić mięśnie oraz sprawność swych nóg nawet podczas odpoczynku na kanapie. Oglądając mecz w telewizji czy też film możesz w każdej chwili wykonać określony zestaw ćwiczeń, który sprawi, że nawet leniwy wieczór czy też popołudnie może być przez chwilę aktywne. Nie potrzebujesz do tego żadnych narzędzi, tylko odrobinę chęci oraz motywację do ćwiczeń. #sport #ćwiczenia #mężczyzna #workout ##kanapa ##mieszkanie


Plus Size core exercises that does not require getting up and down off of the floor! When I started at over 350 lbs, I truly needed help getting off of the couch and getting a strong core seemed like an impossibilty. I discovered it is, thanks to modifications. Please visit my YouTube Channel at CoachTulin to see how I modify these exercises! - Plank - knee raises - Mountain climbers - Pilates - Yoga - Crunches - and more standing upright, using the wall, or the side of a sturdy chair!


Sofa Abs Workout - better than doing nothing!


Rutina para el deseado SIX PACK y AFINAR LA CINTURA! Los abdominales y la cintura de hormiga que todos queremos!! De izquierda a derecha arriba: 1️⃣ Oblicuos, hazlo con fuerza, concéntrate en el movimiento! 20 de cada lado. 2️⃣ Con tus piernas estiradas, trata de bajar hasta tocar el piso, si no lo logras no importa, poco a poco tendrás más flexibilidad. Intercalar adentro y afuera. 1 rep son los dos movimientos. 12 repeticiones. 3️⃣ Mantén las piernas estiradas. Subes tu brazo y elevando…


You can do this 20 minute total body workout without ever leaving your chair! Exercise at the office? Dealing with an injury? This may be the fitness routine you need!


An energy-boosting routine for wheelchair users that helps to increase upper body strength and cardiovascular fitness, as well as ease joint stiffness, ...

from Prevention

9 Exercises You Can Do While Sitting Down

Seated Chair Exercises | Prevention

Do this barre-inspired full-body chair workout to tone, sculpt, and feel the burn! Lorna Jane Active - #LiveActive2015
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Full-Body Chair Workout + 5 Ways to Inspire Your Active Life in 2015

Do this barre-inspired full-body chair workout to tone, sculpt, and feel the burn! Lorna Jane Active - #LiveActive2015


10 Minute Chair Yoga Routine for Good Posture and Stress Relief | Once you’re done with this routine, you’ll feel some of the pent up stress in your muscles from sitting down melt away and you’ll be ready get some more work done! Click through for a FREE


Repinning because this is rediculous! If I'm on the couch, i am not working out