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*Bob Marley* Chad, 170 CFA Franc, 1996. More fantastic post stamps, pictures and videos of *Bob Marley* on:


This operation costs 10 CFA francs, an SMS cost, instead of 300 for the standard procedure


Currency of Chad 5000 Francs banknote of 1978, issued by the Bank of Central African States - Banque des États de l'Afrique Centrale (Central African CFA franc). African banknotes, Chad banknotes, Chad paper money, Chad bank notes, French banknotes. Obverse: Portrait of young African woman with afro braided hairstyle at right and Textile mill at Sarh, Chad at center.

Hungry World: This Book Will Amaze You Chad


Central African States banknotes - Central African States paper money - Equatorial Guinea


CAMEROUN :: Autorité aéronautique civile : Un agent distrait 91 000 000 Fcfa :: CAMEROON

Après son forfait, Mbock Mboumsong s’est évanoui dans la nature. La collégialité du tribunal de céans était présidée par le magistrat hors

Cameroun : Vers l'augmentation du Fonds de roulement de l'engrais de la SODECOTON - 12/11/2014 -

she is a Peul,she is a star by luca.gargano, via Flickr


Map of Benin. Capital: Porto-Novo. Languages: French (official), Fon, Yoruba, tribal languages Ethnicity/race: African 99% (42 ethnic groups, most important being Fon, Adja, Yoruba, Bariba), Europeans 5,500.