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Dog style | Cesar Millan


My Dog Eats Everything -- Help! | Cesar Millan's Tips for training the food-obsessed dog


The Big-Ass Book of Crafts ---

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Cesar Millan's Positive Dog Training Techniques

Cesar Millan recommends using a consistent non-mark (the tsch sound) when a dog is misbehaving. If the dog continues to misbehave, it is important to follow-up the non-mark with some action (e.g. a body block or time-out) so that the dog understands that there are consequences for ignoring a non-mark.

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8 Essential Steps to Bringing a New Dog into the Home

8 Essential Steps to Bringing a New Dog into the Home | Cesar Millan


Another great Cesar Millan video on how to stop your dog’s toy and food aggression and Cesar shows you how he goes about stopping your dog from showing these signs of aggression which nobody wants from their dog

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Cesar Millan spills some of his best secrets for training your furry friend

Cesar Millan: Dog training tips


Cesar's Way | Dog training DVDs, books, articles and video tutorials by dog behavior specialist, Cesar Millan.

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Dog Whisperer Exclusive: Walking a Difficult Dog

The Dog Whisperer - Cesar Millan Gives Tips for How to Walk Your Dog at - Woman's Day