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Multiple System Atrophy (Hardcover)

This textbook provides a comprehensive monography on multiple system atrophy (MSA), a rare and fatal neurodegenerative disorder that presents with autonomic failure and either parkinsonism (MSA-P) or


Physiotherapeutic Exercises for Cerebellar Ataxia

Physiotherapeutic Exercises for Cerebellar Ataxia |

Cerebellar ataxia indicates ataxia due to dysfunction of the cerebellum. This is caused by lesions in the cerebellum or in the parts of the brain that connect to it. This causes a variety of elementary neurological deficits. How and where these abnormalities manifest depend on which cerebellar structures has lesions.cerebellar ataxia can result in: ● Gait ataxia - Uncoordinated walking ● Nystagmus - Jittery eye movements ● Hypotonia - Inability to maintain a steady posture ●…

Cerebellar ataxia can occur as result of many diseases and presents with symptoms of an inability to coordinate balance, gait, extremity and eye movement. It is a form originating in the cerebellum. The causes for cerebellar ataxia is various and complicated. They could be direct injury, alcohol use, genetic disease etc. Cerebral disease is a most likely cause for cerebellar ataxia, and it divided as three kinds lesions: frontal injury, temporal lobe lesion and parietal lobe lesion.

Treatment Options in Degenerative Cerebellar Ataxia: A Systematic Review - Sarva - 2014 - Movement Disorders Clinical Practice - Wiley Online Library


Ataxia describes a lack of coordination while performing voluntary movements. It may appear as clumsiness, inaccuracy, or instability. Movements are not smooth, and may appear disjointed or jerky. Ataxia may affect any part of the body.


Cerebellar ataxia is a kind of nervous system degenerative disease, which means the patients present muscularhypotonia and disorder of voluntary movement coordination due to cerebellar lesions, such like cerebellar atrophy etc. NGF surgery treat cerebellar ataxia is an international advanced cerebellar ataxia treatment currently. The surgery initially created by Beijing Erkang Baiwang Hospital with many years’ clinical practice and experience.