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I would love to make a set of dishes like this. They would be really pretty in a darker salmon color, or in raiku style natural glazes.

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Fabulös inspiration

Using natural textures to create a pattern on clay. I find this texture irresistible to touch and this technique can be unique also.

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Tazón de cerámica decorativ cerámica Bowl - tazón de fuente hechos a mano - - sostenedor de la joyería

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Design Forest Creates Adorable Ceramic Companions for Plants

Design Forest is inspired by animals, paring them down to simple shapes that are minimally decorated yet convey sweet personalities.

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Love how the form (i.e. sculpted bear head) and glaze details (i.e. painted bear body) compliment each other here.

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heart 15 : Japanese Pottery

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yarn bowls, pretty cool bowls. You could also use a colandar from the dollar store. Anything that has holes in it and deep enough to hold your ball of yarn.

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Incense Burner TeePee that smokes, Ceramic Navy Blue and White, Native American Aztec Design, Stoneware Clay Pottery, Unique Yogi Gift

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