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Spinning Science: Centripetal Force Using Marbles in Jell-O: Scientific American - this is actually a really awesome demonstration for A2 Physics


What keeps you in your seat when you are on a looping roller coaster? In the "Centripetal Force" #physics #science project, students use plastic cups, marbles, and differnet colors of JELL-O® to explore the movement of an object during circular motion. Which way will the marble go? [Source: Science Buddies,] #STEM #scienceproject


Marble Glass Jar Experiment: Try to lift the marble in the glass jar without touching it. The experiment talks about centrifugal and centripetal forces.

How to Understand Newton's laws of motion and centripetal force

Centripetal Force Penny - spin the penny on the tip of a wire hanger | Experiments | Steve Spangler Science