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What Are the Main Functions of a CPU?

Центра́льный проце́ссор —интегральная схема (микропроцессор), исполняющая машинные инструкции, главная часть аппаратного обеспечения компьютера или программируемого логического контроллера.

Central Processing Unit atau Processor juga bisa disebut Microprocessor  …

Central Processing Unit (CPU): Parts, Definition & Function - Video & Lesson Transcript |

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Best CPU for Your Custom PC

Intel's Core i5-6600K is our choice as the best CPU (Central Processing Unit) you can buy today. This is thanks to the balance between affordability and power with the option to overclock to get even more out of the processor.

A processor, also known as central processing unit(cpu), interprets and carries out the basic instructions that operate a computer.

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Siemens SIMATIC TI435 Central Processing Unit (MM0816-1)

Siemens SIMATIC TI435 Central Processing Unit (MM0816-1). See more pictures details at

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.: Is It Time to Dump AMD Stock? Buz Scocial Traders Time to Dump AMD The current stock market is all about the social media and Internet stocks but, back in the l990s and into early 2000, it was all about the meat-and-potatoes behind personal computers (PCs) and servers. Back then, old-economy technology stocks like Cisco Systems, Inc.(NASDAQ:CSCO), which I just looked at, and central processing unit (CPU) chipmakers Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD) and…