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Central Luzon

Zambales doors ~ Philippines


Habagat rain mostly in northern central Luzon

Battle of Leyte Gulf, October 1944 -- Loss of USS Princeton (CVL-23), 24 October 1944 At daybreak on 24 October 1944, as Japanese Navy forces were approaching the Philippines from the north and west, Rear Admiral Frederick C. Sherman's Task Group 38.3 was operating about more than a hundred miles east of central Luzon. With other elements of Admiral William F. Halsey's Third Fleet, TG38.3 had spent the last several days pounding enemy targets ashore in support of the Leyte invasion opera


Bateq @ Batek tribe. The Batak are one of about 70 indigenous peoples of the Philippines. They are located in the northeastern portions of Palawan, a relatively large island in the southwest of the archipelago. There are only about 500 Batak remaining. Also called Tinitianes, the Batak are considered by anthropologists to be closely related to the Ayta of Central Luzon, another Negrito tribe.


The Philippines: Central Luzon - Family Vacation Style


The Imperial Pheasant is found in the forests of Vietnam and Laos. Its appearance resembles another Vietnam’s enigmatic bird, the Vietnamese Pheasant, but is larger in size, has longer tail, all dark blue crest and tail feathers. The latter species has white crest and central tail feathers.

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Central Luzon – Region III

Central Luzon

Sisiman lighthouse [Mariveles, Central Luzon, Luzon, Philippines]

The Central Luzon plain with Mount Arayat in the background