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These Are The Most Religious Places In The World — And What They're Practicing

Most religious places in the world and what they're practicing--Middle East and Central Asia

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Central Asia Travel: A Beginner's Guide

Advice on how to plan a trip to Central Asia to explore the Silk Road and countries like Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan.:

Scythians were nomadic herders of the steppes north of the Black Sea. Their origin, just like their mother tongue, is essentially unknown. They were among the first nomads riding domesticated horses, which gave them tremendous mobility and power. From the seventh century B. C. they dominated the Eastern part of Europe by conquering most other nomads and agricultural tribes.


These Maps Show Every Country’s Most Valuable Exports

The Silk Route and Central Asia by Train. The most usual route from Europe to China is via the classic Trans-Siberian Railway, shown in blue on the map below. But there is another route now open to foreigners, the so-called 'Silk Route' via Kazakhstan, shown on the map in yellow. You can also use trains to reach Central Asia from Europe and Moscow. This page will explain routes, train times, costs and how to buy tickets.

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Home For Travelers: The First Place in Central Asia Where Travelers Stay For Free

“Home for Travelers” is a place where travelers can stay and rest for free, immerse themselves into local Kyrgyzstan life, and learn more about the local culture and people.