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The new ‪#‎Celtic‬ 2015/16 Euro kit by New Balance Football as worn by Captain Scott Brown. Buy Direct and Pre-order now from all Celtic FC shops.  ‪#‎LiveForCeltic‬


Celtic Dragon Pattern Need Leather to turn this into a work of art? THINK BIG Shop Small for your leathercraft supplies, Contact Standing Bear's Trading Post 7624 Tampa Avenue, Reseda, CA. 91335 818-342-9120 visit our website at


dr-archeville: Ancient & Magickal Alphabets Cuneiform Hieratic (“shorthand cursive hieroglyphs”) Demotic (Egyptian; not to be confused with Demotic Greek) Hebrew alphabet (note that there are many versions of the Hebrew language) Greek alphabet Futhark runic alphabet Ogham (“Celtic Tree alphabet”) Pictish Theban alphabet, aka Honorian alphabet or Runes of Honorius Chaldean (the Syriac alphabet?) Malachim alphabet Magi, Alphabet of the Celestial Alphabet/Angelic Script (not to be ...


BOUDICCA - The tartan suggests she's Scottish but in fact was Queen of the people of Norfolk, (as it's now known), around AD60. A ferocious woman who avenged her daughters violators before killing herself so they couldn't kill her too. Ferocious! (Google Image Result for