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Columnar_Epithelial_Tissue :: A tissue that forms the linings of all internal and external body surfaces, such as the skin or the lining of the stomach, epithelial tissue is composed of layers of cells packed close together and tends to be thin.It has no blood vessels. Because of this, it depends on underlying tissues to provide it with the oxygen and nutrients it needs to maintain homeostasis. It’s functions include to protect the underlying tissue, to secrete and to absorb


Are vegans aware the amount of animal tissue in a vaccine? Soy, Egg Human Diploid Fibroblast cell cultures wi-38.... lung tissue of a white female fetus under 3 months gestation and guess how they get to that? Abortions!MRC-5 human diploid cells.....Yep it's another human! 14-week-old male fetus. Darby Canine Kidney (MDCK) cell adult female cocker spaniel Pig and Wild boars [DNA from porcine circoviruses (PCV) guinea pig cell n embryonic lung cultures monkey kidney cells, in the Polio

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Scientist claims California university fired him over creationist beliefs

Mark Armitage.. discovered in 2012 the largest triceratops horn ever recovered from the world-famous Hell Creek Formation in Glendive, Mont. Upon further examination of the fossils under a high-powered microscope, Armitage found -- soft tissue inside the triceratops horn with bone cells, or osteocytes, that looked alive.

In a laboratory first, Duke researchers have grown human skeletal muscle that contracts and responds just like native tissue to external stimuli such as electrical pulses, biochemical signals and pharmaceuticals.


I love the detail in this! This is a plant cell. The range of sizes of circles makes it very eye catching and interesting to look at. It makes you want to look closer which makes a great image. Again this could be easily repeated and continued to create a print.


This looks more pleasing to study and the time put into it means the information was probably learned well when this was made.


My most recent painting, taking lots of influence from microscope slides looking at cellular structures in plants. This was for my in laws for Christmas.

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ART: Beautiful Human Decay by Megan Mitchell Today’s... (WeTheUrban)

Today’s spotlight goes to fairly new artist Megan Mitchell, who somehow depicts different types of decay and human insecurities in the most creative and interestingly beautiful ways. - See more at:

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Spectacular Microscopic Art Is Also World-Changing Science

Fernan Federici’s microscopic images of plants, bacteria, and crystals are a classic example of finding art in unexpected places.