My most recent painting, taking lots of influence from microscope slides looking at cellular structures in plants. This was for my in laws for Christmas.

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Emily Barletta is a genius at crochet and here is here amazing story

Emily Barletta is a genius at crochet and here is here amazing story

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Give students practice with microscopes and identifying different cells and tissues

I love the detail in this! This is a plant cell. The range of sizes of circles makes it very eye catching and interesting to look at. It makes you want to look closer which makes a great image. Again this could be easily repeated and continued to create a print.

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This resource is perfect for an interactive notebook. It contains plenty of activities to make the cell come alive!

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Human Body & Body Systems: ...In Science we have been learning about the human body including the heart, the circulatory and digestive systems. We have produced an interactive board game display to educate children. This game shares interesting facts about the circulatory system and the important job it does to transport oxygen, nutrients and minerals around your body to make the body work...interactive board game ...

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$ 5-7 digital reading activity so that students can learn about how the human body is organized. This activity will introduce students to the four levels of organization; specialized cells, tissues, organs and organ systems. This resource can easily be uploaded to Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive.

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What Are Stem Cells #infographic #Health stem cell growht factors in Luminesce) on the Stem Cell Lift ~ a whole new level!

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