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Teaching . . . Seriously: Organelle Trail - Make learning about cells and organelles fun with these wanted posters.

Cells foldable

Excellent resource for teachers using INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOKS !!! This product will help students compare and contrast the characteristics of a plant cell and an animal cell (for 5th & 6th grade students).

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Plant cell models. Add wooden popsicle sticks w/ tape for cell wall, Ziploc bag (cellular membrane), Aloe vera gel (cytoplasm), bottle cap nucleus, plastic beads (ribosomes), small blue balloon partially inflated ? (vacuole), plastic fishing lure (mitochondria), green oval bean shaped bead (chloroplasts), ?ER, ?golgi body

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Animal and Plant Cells + Organelles Reading Comprehension Interactive Notebook

Animal and Plant Cell Read & Apply. Includes reading passage, interactive notebook activity, and writing prompt! A great way to get your students engaged. Perfect for middle school!

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Cells Activity - I Have, Who Has?

This "I Have, Who Has" Cells Activity is sure to spark interest from all of your learners. This activity includes 28 unique "I Have, Who Has" statements. Use this with your entire class as review to get all of your students to participate. Included in this activity is the following:-28 different "I Have" statements-28 different "Who Has" statements-Includes all major cell organelles, plant and animal cells, prokaryotic vs.