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*goes on phone to check time forgets to check time * happens to me all the time

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'Texts From Dog' - Our Favourites So Far

iPhone Case - My gorgeous iPhone case by Exovault is made of wood and brass. Its heavy but it really protects my phone, which I appreciate as I am extremely accident prone. the-little-things-in-life

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speech 1

somebody once asked me over the phone "are you human?" I replied with "no, I am a living vehicle who is gonna wipe out the human race" AND THEY BELIEVED ME!!!! some people...

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My parents are cool until I text somebody or get a text- then get all suspicious and I'm all like: "That's right. I have friends."

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31 Tumblr Posts To Read When You Need A Good Laugh

I don't take a bath or shower fully clothed, with my glasses on, and carrying a cell phone in my pocket. Those may just be contributing factors.

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Daily Morning Awesomeness (40 Photos)

Wow. I'm not sure if I'm more impressed with the cosplays or with the fact that they're both using cell phones....<<>> Nice.

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