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All agents-in-training are hereby reminded that Mr. Stark is not in charge of their training, and any “stealth exercises” he may assign them will most likely get them seriously injured. Therefore, the medical staff will no longer be accepting, “Mr. Stark said it was a good idea,” or “Mr. Stark told me to do it,” as acceptable explanations for injuries. Furthermore, Mr. Stark is strongly encouraged to cease and desist his “stealth exercises” immediately, lest he wish to be assigned one of his…


by Kathy ("my fave is when kirk makes a reference to spock’s humanity or human-like traits and spock’s like y u insult me dis way ur supposed to be my commanding officer pls cease and desist with ur hateful words")


Agents Stark, Barton, and Wilson are to vacate the Office of the Director immediately, and are to cease and desist in referring to it as, ‘Fort Kickass.’ Nor are they allowed to deny the Director entry into said fort. Especially since the Director is Supreme Overlord and Tyrant of said fort.


Legrandite: It was used by the ancient Aztecs in their most powerful ceremonies to ward-off invasions and to bring their enemies to cease and desist in hostilities.


Trump Foundation: the allegations against Donald's charity, explained

The donation investigations and New York cease-and-desist only add to Trump’s laundry list of controversies.

33 Things That Could Only Happen In Glasgow

Please cease and desist in urinating in the tenement entrance , you filthy fatherless riff-raff !!! ...... Oh how I just love my city !


Now you can download your iTunes music faster

Now you can download your iTunes music faster | Your iTunes downloads could be quicker in future. Streaming specialist Swarmcast has released an app to accelerate the iTunes download mechanism. According to Reuters, Swarmcast's technology can speed up iTunes downloads by up to 10 times Buying advice from the leading technology site