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Peace or violence - Stromae (Cheese - 2010)


Directed by Darcy Prendergast Made by Oh Yeah Wow: Production company: Caviar Content Facebook: Twitter: @ohyeahwow Instagram: oh_yeah_wow


*2012 MVPA Winner for Best Rock Video* *2012 UKMVA Winner for Best Rock Video* Music video for the first single off Spiritualized's new album, "Sweet Heart Sweet Light." AG Rojas, Writer + Director Juliette Larthe, Commissioner Anna Rau, Producer Michael Ragen, Cinematographer Corbett Jones, Production Manager Full credits in film. More @ Caviar Content | Somesuch & Co. | 2012

"Here, time is suspended..." Music video for french artist Thylacine. Shot in Bulgaria in March 2015. Directed by Cyprien Clément-Delmas Produced by Caviar Content & Intuitive records Executive producer: Céline Roubaud Director of Photography: Dani Fernandez Abelló Editor: Carlos Font Clos Post production & color: La Metropolitana Colourist: Marc Morató Local Production Manager: Kiril Krastev Camera assistant: Nikolay Pavlov Production assistant: Charlène Richardeau Many t...

Lacoste - Polo of the Future Directors: Fleur & Manu Production Company: Caviar Content

A story about a few hours in the life of a Bugle Boy sweatshirt. Another great AG Rojas film. AG Rojas, Writer + Director Anna Rau, Producer Michael Ragen, Cinematographer Corbett Jones + Christopher Black, Production Managers Justin Dial, Editor MISTERDOCTOR, Titles More @ Caviar Content | 2012

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What's It All Mean? Director Of Jack White's "Sixteen Saltines" Explains

Jack White, AG Rojas, Caviar Content

Lucozade - Yes Director: Keith Schofield Production Company: Caviar Content Agency: Grey London Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill Producer: Jess Ringshall Producer: Shirley O’Connor Creatives: Darren Wright Editing Company: Marshall ...

Directed by Oh Yeah Wow Made by Oh Yeah Wow: Facebook: Twitter: @ohyeahwow Instagram: oh_yeah_wow Production company: Caviar Content Producer: Geert De Wachter Executive Producers: Ann Van Steyvoort, Sorcha Shepherd Animators: Sam Lewis & Darcy Prendergast Actor: Bobby Sabel Editor: Helena Overlaet-Michiels DOP: Steven Frederickx Big thanks to Beast Animation.