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Einstein's general theory of relativity suggests, among other things, that masses in space distort the geometry of space-time. In addition, moving objects emit waves of gravitational radiation that carry energy away into space.


90'S REVIVAL The 90’s are back this season, from backwards caps to dungarees it’s the badass 90’s chick style we all love. Be bold, bright and super cool. Go dig out those scrunches and over the top eye shadows! Here is some inspiration to get your juices flowing


kate winslet. love the contrast between the organic shapes of the dress and the straight lines of the doors. perfect in BW


Smoking Unborn Baby Ads

*.* Even though this is different than what my PSA project is about, It had an impact on me. The unborn fetus is literally made of smoke. The target audience is definitely women who are pregnant. The hook is "When you smoke, your baby smokes". The call to action is "Smoking while pregnant causes birth defects, brain damage, and regret." This PSA was provided by the Vermont Department of Health, and there contact information is listed so people can contact them.

from Mail Online

Pea souper that killed 12,000: So black you couldn't see the screen in cinemas. So suffocatingly lethal they ran out of coffins. How the Great Smog choked London 60 years ago this week

The Great Smog of London of 1952: A police officer using flames at Marble Arch to direct the traffic in London smog in 1952