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Fact sheet on schizophrenia: key facts, symptoms, causes of schizophrenia, WHO response

Previous studies have largely assumed that the prevalence of mental disorders declines with old age.

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Scientists are finally on their way to a cure for Schizophrenia

Scientists might have found the biological cause of schizophrenia, in a study that has been described as a “turning point” in tackling mental illness. A new study appears to show that the devastating disorder is linked to a physical process where connections between parts of the brain are “pruned” away.

How Doctors Diagnose It There are no lab tests to find schizophrenia, so doctors usually base a diagnosis on a person’s history and symptoms. They will first rule out other medical causes. In teens, a combination of family history and certain behaviors can help predict the start of schizophrenia. These behaviors include withdrawing from social groups and expressing unusual suspicions, but that’s not enough for a diagnosis.

Brain scans compare well twin and twin with schizophrenia

The Science of Mental Illness Infographic

The Science of Mental Illness Infographic


Scientists reported on Wednesday that they had taken a significant step toward understanding the cause of schizophrenia, in a landmark study that provides the first rigorously tested insight into the biology behind any common psychiatric disorder. More than two million Americans have a diagnosis of schizophrenia, which is characterized by delusional thinking and hallucinations. TheRead More

Rachel Waddingham on ‘Creating safe spaces in unsafe places: Supporting people in prison who hear voices’, Joint Special Interest Group for Psychosis (Durham University, 18 December 2013)


Homeopathic Remedies for Schizophrenia