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Causes of Leg Cramps

Common Causes of Leg Cramps Common Causes of Leg Cramps leg cramps, sometimes called "charley horses," are involuntary spasms of the muscles in the legs. They can cause problems ranging from minor discomfort to severe, debilitating pain. These cramps may occur in the calves, hamstrings, or quadriceps, but no matter where they occur, those who experience them want to know how to get rid of them. To prevent leg cramps, one must first identify the cause of this condition.


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9 Signs You Have Magnesium Deficiency and How to Cure It

80% of the population struggles with magnesium deficiency. The biggest causes of magnesium deficiency include leaky gut, soil depletion and emotional stress


Do you get Leg Cramps? Look in your FRIDGE!

If you ever had leg cramps you will appreciate this easy way to alleviate one. Take a teaspoon of MUSTARD!”Cramps can be caused by a deficiency in acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter that sti…


We sometimes get questions from swimmers about leg cramps during kick sets. What causes them? More importantly, how do you get rid of them? Sheila Taormina gives this advice for avoiding cramps during kick sets.

When a leg cramp strikes, the best thing to do for leg cramp relief is to massage the tightened muscle gently. Try and stretch the leg if you can or use a hot water bottle on the affected area to relax the contracted muscles.


Nighttime Leg Cramps: What Causes Muscle Spasms and Late-Night Leg Cramps


The leg cramps tend to hurt a lot and they can cause an inevitable pain that may slow down our progress. Most of the times they happen suddenly and people