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The dopamine pathways in the brain Dopamine is transmitted via three major pathways. The first extends from the substantia nigra to the caudate nucleus-putamen (neostriatum) and is concerned with sensory stimuli and movement. The second pathway projects from the ventral tegmentum to the mesolimbic forebrain and is thought to be associated with cognitive, reward and emotional behaviour. The third pathway, known as the tubero-infundibular system, is concerned with neuro…


"There is a thin line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line." - Oscar Levant (American pianist, composer, author, comedian, and actor).


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The thalamus is the gateway to the cerebral cortex; assists with motor control and relaying signals to the cerebellum; and plays a role in memory and emotional responses via the limbic system


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Preschool MRI Findings- ADHD Brains Might Be Different


This is a transverse view of the caudate nucleus from a structural MR image.


Shows the pineal gland, medulla, thalamus, caudate nucleus, corpus callosum…