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Beautiful utility panel fence design. Less costly than the full wood fences, and it would look great around the garden.

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Simple, clean fence using cattle panels. Could be an inexpensive but strong deer fence solution if a second cattle panel was run across the top to make it twice as high. Cattle panels cost about $20 for a 50in x 16ft panel.

Framed in wood that’s painted to match the siding, cattle panel makes a generous trellis. Behind raspberries on south side?

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And this is the mini-pergola/large arbor using the cattle panels for each side of the structure for Coral Honeysuckle to grow up:

As of today (Mar. 18th) this is the design I want to use. Love this layout with the use of corner seats and the cattle panel arched trellis. Will also be easily expandable on all four sides.

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