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The Cato Institute’s Dan Mitchell Delivers a Dire Warning! - - Here the Cato Institute’s Dan Mitchell delivers a dire warning. Politicians want to upend the rules of global commerce to undermine and restrict tax competition. They realize that the long-run fiscal outlook of their countries is grim, but rather than fix the bad policies they’ve imposed,

What in the World Is Going on with Obamacare’s Exchanges? | Cato Institute

Cato Institute Analysis of Terrorism and Immigration

But a recent study by the CATO Institute found the chances of being killed by a refugee of any nationality are 1 in 3.64 billion per year.

Americans Worry, Wonder What Happened to Gov Social Services - - My friend Chris Edwards from Cato Institute has written at that “Only one-third of people think that the government gives competent service, and the public’s “customer satisfaction” with federal services is lower than for virtually all private services.”

Prominent global warming doubter says there was a “hit list” apparently targeting climate scientists. "At this point, it is unclear exactly what this list was about. But from what Michaels said, it looks like it consisted of scientists being targeted for termination from their jobs."