Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of images’s Word of the Day - paramnesia - <em>Psychiatry</em>. a distortion of memory in which fact and fantasyare confused.,the inability to recall the correct meaning of a word.


We could say that Polonius is pontificate in the first sense of the word. He drawls on and on and on and rarely gets to the point, However when he does get to the point he makes it seem undeniably true. His way of speaking is also very pompous and conceited.

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14 Perfect French Words And Phrases We Need In English

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One of those words only catholic high schools students would hear every day. Like solidarity and vocation.

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Priceless 14th century Latin 'dictionary' that let nuns translate the Bible and survived the Dissolution of the Monasteries goes on display for the first time

Check out this 700-year-old Bible dictionary, which helped nuns living in Wiltshire, England, to understand the #Bible. It somehow survived the ransacking of convents, monasteries and Catholic churches that took place under King Henry VIII in the 16th Century.


It's not the most eloquent or rare word, but its meaning speaks a thousand words. That is why I felt obligated to add it to my list of words that help to perfect a rhetoric.


Tudor Era Hairdos Excerpt: During the early Tudor period the hair of women was covered by the elaborate headdresses. During the Elizabethan era this changed when the fashion for ruffs became far more elaborate and increased in size which was balanced by more delicate head wear and set off by hair which was swept away from the face as can be seen in the above picture of Queen Elizabeth I. Follow the link to lean more about Tudor Era hairstyles.


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Catholic Dictionary Print: Immaculate Heart of Mary

For this print, our popular Immaculate Heart of Mary design has been placed on top of a page from a vintage 1916 Catholic dictionary, on which the listings include "Heart of Mary Immaculate."