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Catherine of Braganza (Catarina Henriqueta) was the wife of Charles II of England and as such, the Queen consort of England, Scotland and Ireland from 1662 to 1685.


On 23 June 1661, the marriage contract was signed, of King Charles II of England and Catherine of Braganza (Portugal). Her dowry included Tangier (in North Africa) and the Seven islands of Bombay (in India), with trading privileges in Brazil and the East Indies, religious and commercial freedom in Portugal and two million Portuguese crowns (about £300,000).


Queen Catherine of Braganza (1638 - 1705), Sir Peter Lely, Studio of

Charles II of England. Here the King wears his crown and Parliament robes with the doublet and petticoat breeches from his Garter robes.


CATHERINE OF BRAGANZA (b.1638-d.1705). QUEEN CONSORT OF CHARLES II (though technically she was never crowned) from 21st May, 1662 until her husband's death on the 6th of February, 1685. HOUSE OF STUART. PICTURE: Catherine of Braganza, c.1660-61. After Dirk Stoop. National Portrait Gallery, London.


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CATHERINE OF BRAGANZA Oil on canvas Justus Sustermans or Justus Sustermans studio. Italy or Flanders 17th century


Catherine of Braganza (1638-1705) Queen of King Charles II

Charles II (1630 - 1685). Prince of Wales from 1638 to 1641, when the title was abolished, although he would claim to be Prince of Wales until 1649, when his father was executed. He later married Catherine of Braganza, but had no legitimate children (though plenty of the other kind.)