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Hungry pelican opens bill like a basketball net and SLAM DUNKS catfish

He said: ' This white pelican repeatedly tossed the catfish up in the air and caught it again in its expanded bill, until the fish was positioned head-down for easy swallowing. Description from I searched for this on


Setting the catfish amongst the pigeons: The astonishing moment a fish leaps out of the water to catch a bird

Novel behavior sighted in catfish -- in southwest France they leap from a river to seize pigeons, then wriggle back underwater to swallow them, perhaps due to declining prey in the river

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Especially for catfish anglers. MAD Cat Power Mainline Densitex is designed for catching big catfish. Ideal for adventures abroad, but also well suited for growing catfish populations in the UK. A mainline for catfish should be durable. That is why this Mad Cat Power Mainline with Densitex is ex...