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Cardboard Things

It’s easy to replicate anything with cardboard. If you live in a city, it’s a quite cheap material. I ussually do cardboard furniture and decoration stuff. check my work… and keep recycling!!

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PVC DIY cat play set. The pre-made version of this is $154.00!! I know I can make it for way cheap.

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13 IKEA Hacks Your Pets Will Appreciate

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i want a cat tree, but not an overpriced crap tree from the stores... i saw these cat trees on the road while driving through Harvard, looked them up online and now I WANT ONE!

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LARGEST LIVING CAT From tiny to huge, here is Hercules. He may look like a demi-god, but this big cat is actually a liger, which is a lion and tiger hybrid. Hercules weighs 922 pounds and is an impressive 10 feet tall. The gentle giant towers over his friends at Myrtle Beach Safari wildlife preserve, where he also has quite a number of fans.

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Repurpose an old bookshelf into a cheap and easy, DIY cat tower! #nutrishcatcrafts #ad @nutrishforpets