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6 Ways To Add More Cat-Friendly Vertical Space To Your Home

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I marked the uprights so I’d have some reference to fasten each level of the cat tower. Then, I assembled it in its entirety to check for fit prior to upholstery. What gets tricky is every piece gets ½” larger after upholstering. The carpet is about ¼” thick. I made up for that by cutting my boards a bit smaller (cut list is accurate), and trimming away some carpet in some locations on the uprights. You’ll see where in the next few steps.

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10 Cat tree plans with instructions and materials list - $15 from - looks good and has great customer testimonials!

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If you know anyone who loves cats, SHARE this with them...I thought the video was so humorous I just had to get the book! Human's need horizontal space...CATS need VERTICAL space. My cat loves these cat condos and cat towers and I saved a ton of money. diy cat tree plans diy cat tree plans +tower diy cat furniture plans diy cat tree house plans build cat tree plans how to build cat tree plans build your own cat tree plans

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We would have so much fun playin on this, yes I would play on it too lol

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Cat Tree Plans: Build Cat Condo Furniture, Window Perch, Cat Scratching Post & More by Brian Johnson,

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