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How To Clean Cat Pee From Everything

Anyone who shares their home with a cat has probably had their kitty urinate outside of the litter box at one time or another. Regardless of the reason, whether it's medical or behavioral, it's vitally...

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How to Stop Your Cat from Peeing in the House

Cat urine is one of the strongest & most tenacious smells there is. If a cat pees, it's nearly impossible to get the smell out. Instead, here's how to stop your cat from peeing in your house.


When cats pee on the wheel of the car it makes the owner feel bad because the cat is not suppose to do that


Don’t panic – you can actually get rid of cat pee odor very quickly using ordinary, everyday items you already have.

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How to Get Cat Pee Out of a Carpet

How to Get Cat Pee Out of a Carpet | eHow | eHow


Why Do #Cats Pee/Poop Outside The Litter Box? There could be a few reasons why your cat has peed or pooped outside of the litter box and it is very important that you listen to your cat to solve the problem. This is their way of signaling to you that something is wrong — either with health or anxiety — and there are several ways to fix it:

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NUTMEG THE CAT, 31-YEARS OLD CAT: The World Oldest Living cat

The Way Cats Actually See Us - I'd say this is actually true for the most part. Dogs however, do the pack mentality thing, and humans, being bigger, are usually chosen as "alpha". THAT is why dogs lay down, bare their throats, wag tails, pee themselves with joy, and lick your face. In a pack, to NOT do so might get you killed. Cats are solitary hunters and for them to feel like we are their responsibility is weird to think about. My cats are SUPER affectionate and I am glad to have them.

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10 reasons your cat might be peeing outside the box