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How to Treat Cat Eye Infection at Home

How to Treat Cat Eye Infection at Home #cat #kitty #catlover

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There are many causes for a cat eye infection, some temporary and others chronic. Symptoms include squinting, swelling, redness, discharge from the eyes yellow, clear, or green in color, a cloudy iris, or the cat pawing at his eyes. What can be done when it seems there is a cat eye infection? Treatment depends mostly

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Home Remedy for Dog and Cat's Crusted, Runny, or Infected Eyes -

I want to share with you a home remedy for dogs and cats that have crusted, runny , or appear to possibly have an eye infection. This method has worked for

Eye Infections and Conjunctivitis DIY Natural Herbal Treatments Remedies Cures for Dogs, Cats In this article... • Typical Causes of an Eye Infection; • Typical Signs that Your Dog's or Cat's Eye May Be Infected; • Typical Signs of Pink Eye - Conjunctivitis • Contagiousness of Eye Infections • Treating and Curing Eye Infections o Topical Treatments o Ingested (Dietary) Remedies • Duration of Treatment • When To Get Your Dog to Your Veterinarian