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Sometimes, your cat’s eyes may get runny or weepy and a crust may form. If this crust is allowed to remain, it could block the tear ducts and become a infected. Consequently, it is important to know the proper way to clean your cat’s eyes in order to keep them healthy and infection-free.

08/08/2016 STILL THERE SUFFERING!!! 07/27/2016 SUPER URGENT HELP RESCUE ILL RUBBY - #A1079305 Brooklyn NYC **MUST BE PULLED BY NEW HOPE RESCUE BECAUSE OF YOUNG AGE** - FEMALE WHITE/TORTIE SH MIX, 6 Wks - STRAY - NO HOLD Intake Condition ILLNESS Intake 06/29/16 Due Out 07/02/16. She needs an examination and treatment for her eye infection urgently. Please share to help this sad young kitty.


Pictures of Rubia a Labrador Retriever/Pit Bull Terrier Mix for adoption in New York, NY who needs a loving home.

The oral diseases in cats might lead to gum ailment, tooth rot plus tooth loss. The infectivity can spread to other body parts like lung, kidney, heart disease and liver.


Home Remedy for Dog and Cat's Crusted, Runny, or Infected Eyes -

I want to share with you a home remedy for dogs and cats that have crusted, runny , or appear to possibly have an eye infection. This method has worked for

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