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Cassette Recorder

A far cry from the cds and ipods of today...anyone else remember recording the top 40 off the radio on a Sunday night?

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The cassette recorder, you had to put it close to the speakers to record songs on a Sunday from the chart countdown!

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Terrifying Children’s Cassette Recorder Day

PICS: 30 Great Things About Growing Up In 1970s Britain

The lovely "Cassette" Recorder from the I had one and I literally recorded everything I could. I remember trying to tape favorite songs from the radio and getting so aggravated when the deejay would begin talking minutes before the song ended!!!

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Blast from the past (23)

This is the recorder Peter always kept by his side in the movie. It represents his past, and how he always carries it everywhere with him, whether it be physically when he listens to the music, or symbolically when his actions are influenced by his childhood.

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1972 Audio Cassette ad. I LOVED my tape recorder. I remember asking for one for Christmas when I was about 10 yrs old and not being able to sleep the night before to open it the next day.

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Hours and hours of recording from the radio, records and creating a radio show for a friend, complete with jingles, lol.

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Remember this?I I use to wait all day listening for songs to record off the radio, using another tape player that I held up to the speakers LOL

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