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Cassandra Troy

Ajax & Cassandra | Solomon Joseph Solomon // Cassandra, a daughter of the Trojan king had spurned the advances of Apollo, who punished her by ordaining that although she should always make true prophecies they would not be believed. The Trojans rejected her warnings that Troy was in imminent danger and when the Greeks sacked the city Cassandra fled to the Temple of Athena.

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Red-figured hydria, depicting the rape of Kassandra by the lesser Ajax, son of Oileus, in Athena's temple at Troy. In the centre, the Trojan princess Kassandra kneels on the base of the statue of Athena, the Palladion. Attributed to the Danaid Group. Made in Campania, Italy. GR 1824,0501.35

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Cassandra, also known as Alexandra or Kassandra, was the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy. A common version of her story is that Apollo gave her the power of prophecy in order to seduce her, but when she refused, he spat into her mouth cursing her never to be believed. In an alternative version, she fell asleep in a temple, and snakes licked (or whispered in) her ears so that she was able to hear the future.

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Cassandra Troy Walker

Ajax taking Cassandra, tondo of a red-figure kylix by the Kodros Painter, c. 440-430 BC, Louvre

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In Greek Mythology, Helen of Troy also known as Helen of Sparta, was the daughter of Zeus and Leda, and was a sister of Castor, Pollux, and Clytemnestra. In Greek myths, she was considered to be the most beautiful woman in the world, a representation of ideal beauty. By marriage she was Queen of Laconia, a province within Homeric Greece, the wife of King Menelaus. Her abduction by Paris, Prince of Troy, brought about the Trojan War.

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Cassandra (painting by Evelyn De Morgan, 1898), cursed with the gift of prophecy, is depicted at the peak of her insanity as the city of Troy is in flames behind her.

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Clytemnestra was wife of Agamemnon, the commander of the Greek forces during the Trojan War. While Agamemnon was away at war, she took Aegisthus as her lover. Upon his return, Clytemnestra murdered Agamemnon and Cassandra, who had been taken as war prize following the sack of Troy. Clytemnestra was driven to murder Agamemnon to avenge the death of her daughter Iphigenia, whom Agamemnon had sacrificed for the sake of success in the war.

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Krikor Jabotian Couture S/S 2014 beautiful cape. I could totally see this working (minus the crown) for an eccentric wedding. I love the dusky pink colour.

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Mythology Meme -> Mythological Figures -> Cassandra “ Cassandra was the daughter of Priam, the last king of Troy. She was loved by Apollo who promised her the power of prophecy if she would comply...

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Cassandra Cassandra was the daughter of the King of Priam and Queen Hecuba. She was a princess of Troy who was said to be astonishingly beautiful.Cassandra prophesied the Trojan war and the destruction of Troy by the Greeks. The famous phrase Beware of Greeks bearing gifts is a warning she made concerning the Trojan horse. The result of her warning being ignored was the fall of Troy. She sought refuge in the Temple of Athena but was abducted by Ajax and given to Agamemnon as a concubine.

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