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Obama’s Henchmen-Barack Obama picks up radical-leftist associates like a rotting carcass attracts flies. His appointees list reads like a who’s who of dark juju. It’s not just Axelrod and Eric Holder, but Cass Sunstein, John Holdren, Mark Lloyd, Anita Dunn, Todd Stern, David Ogden, Valerie Jarrett, Kevin Jennings, and Harold Koh, just to name a few. Such radicals then populate their departments with other radicals and the virus spreads; the bad roots lead to a bad tree which then grows bad…

from The Huffington Post

OBAMA'S BIG MISTAKE: Ambivalent Regulator Cass Sunstein

Cass Sunstein, Obama's Regulation Czar, wants animals to have the right to sue humans. The same douchebag that said it should be legal to kill a child up to the age of two!! Oh and trees should have more rights than said child! Obviously these are NOT humans!

from Slate Magazine

Cass Sunstein's Going to Extremes.

In the roughly three decades between the election of Ronald Reagan and last autumn's global financial collapse, social scientists and public-policy thi ...

May 22. 2014 8:09PM Another View -- Cass R. Sunstein: How easy is it to indoctrinate students? Easy ....5/23>>>>>>Sunstein is husband of our UN Ambassador and ()&(&&(*^(^%&^%$&$!!! CASS R. SUNSTEIN