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Carwood Lipton (1920-2001) shot through the ranks of the company eventually becoming Company First Sergeant. Lipton was always keeping the men's spirits high, and pushed them to their full potential. This was recognized by the officers of Easy, the 101st, and the 506th. He was also known as "The Man". He earned a battlefield commission.

Carwood Lipton <3 "Lipton became 1st sergeant of the company. (...) He was my mentor; I looked up to him. He was calm and he would discuss any situation you got into. We had brains between us. No quick reactions - he thought things out (....) I trusted him with my life." Bill talking about Lipton p. 86 Brothers in Battle - Best of Friends by Bill Guarnere/Babe Heffron


C. Carwood Lipton (center) with Band of Brothers cast members L-R: Frank John Hughes (Bill Guarnere); James Madio (Frank Perconte); Michael Cudlitz (Denver Randleman); Matthew Settle (Ronald Spiers); Richard Speight Jr. (Warren Muck); Neil McDonough (Lynn Compton); Donnie Wahlberg (C. Carwood Lipton) and Ron Livingston (Lewis Nixon)