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If you remember him, your childhood was awesome…

My favourite tv show as a child along with Smart

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I have a Wicket the Ewok who has been my companion since i was 4. If you could include an Ewok somewhere that would be lovely. It doesn't have to be in this animated style, it's just to give you an idea.

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We've been to button moon, we followed Mr spoon, button moon.....button moon!

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Button Moon- I loved this!!!

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Jamie and the Magic Torch

Jamie and the Magic Torch > Television |

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Captain Pugwash! Also in Puffin Annual The First.

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The Raggy Dolls - made imperfectly....this is me, lol.I lvd show as a child 2.

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Not many people remember this when I mention this show! Babapapas - 70's Kids TV

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Mr Benn was my favourite show and I failed to realise how few episodes there actually were of this genius creation.

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The Raggy Dolls (1986–1994)

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