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Coordinate Pairs Flippables (Yes, Flippables

Coordinate Pairs Four Quadrant Flippable- Ready to introduce your students to all four quadrants of a graph? Interactive Flippable with practice components to identify axis, origin and a point in each of the 4 quadrants.


A three dimensional Cartesian grid system which includes three spacial co-ordinates imaged stereoscopically. The purpose of the Cartesian grid was to give the user a perspective image that changes as he moves.


This FREE math center game has 12 diffent task cards over 4 levels and full solutions provided for each card.Students need to identify that the points on a cartesian plane are represented by what is called an ordered pair or coordinates as ( X value, Y value )Level 1 - Over 1 Quadrant Up to 10 on X and Y axisLevel 2 - Over 1 Quadrant Up to 15 on X and Y axisLevel 3 - Over 4 Quadrants from -5 to 5 on X and Y axisLevel 4 - Over 4 Quadrants from -8 to 8 on X and Y axisThis freebie is the first…


The distance formula in rectangular (Cartesian) coordinates is the Pythagorean Theorem in disguise. A lot of my students like this explanation. It helps build off of knowledge that they already have from geometry.

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Coordinate Plane Math Game (Free download!)