Cartesian coordinates can be used to pinpoint where you are on a map or graph.

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A midpoint divides the line segment exactly in half. This fact can be used to figure out the formula for a midpoint of a line segment in a 2-dimensional Euclidean space such as a Cartesian coordinate system. The x-coordinate of the midpoint will be halfway between the x-coordinates of the two points, and the y-coordinate of the midpoint will be halfway between the y-coordinates of the two points. The formula for the midpoint of a

Teaching about coordinate grids in your classroom? In the style of Battleship, this game is a perfect way for your students to learn about and practice using the Cartesian coordinate system!

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Can you find the card to match the distances? Great scavenger hunt for differentiation in your 6th grade math class.

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FREE Cartesian Coordinate Plane Graph Paper... by Hayley Cain - Activity After Math | Teachers Pay Teachers

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Students take a trip with a private to practice cartesian coordinates and map distances.

Guided notes and practice for cartesian coordinate system. My students especially loved the card sort.

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Five equations that generate a heart in Cartesian coordinates

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