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A Free Resource Website For All Woodworking, Cabinetry & Carpentry Teachers - Lesson Plans and Curricululm for Intro to Woodworking, too!

DC Students Tiny House | Micro Showcase Build a House, Build a Future School program: Career and technical education students in the Academy of Construction and Design learn about carpentry, electrical, HVAC and other technical specialties. Students take their math, carpentry, mechanical drawing, blueprint reading and practical science studies from the classroom to real-life construction sites.

ConstructionKids, a Brooklyn, NY-based school offering carpentry classes for children and adults. Kids from 4 to 9 learn safety and respect for tools and materials, all while having lots of fun.

The "pagoda" in snow. This building was built three years ago during a ladies carpentry class. These days we are less ambitious with structures during the womens basic carpentry class leaving more time for students to build independent projects to take home like bookshel. Last year the class filled quickly so register now to make sure you get a spot in July...... #womenscarpentry #wildabundance @wildabundance #tinyhouse #buildingwithwood #mancave

Easy adjustments to classroom furniture can help students sit more erectly in class. Plus, if you have some carpentry skills of your own, you can make some of these, too. Improved sitting posture impacts attention, focus and overall health. The trick is to rotate the pelvis from an posterior to an anterior tilt. It's more mature and better for you.


Harvey W. Smith Watercraft Center

Boatbulding classes in the Harvey W. Smith Watercraft Center located at the North Carolina Maritime Museum in Beaufort, North Carolina.