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Carolina Hurricanes Tickets

(Fc: Halsey) I'm Ashley. I came about 7 months ago. They think of me as their leader, yet, I have trouble acting like one. I like to change my hair a lot. It's, for me at least, a symbolism of growing and changing. Which, like my hair, I'm always doing. Introduce yourself. I don't bite, much,


Beautiful home! Where would you live if you won the lottery? Join thousands of dream-home lovers on the website NBC calls "The best way to order California lottery tickets online!"

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Winter Wedding with DIY Details

Sam and Cameron’s winter wedding at The Dairy Barn in South Carolina is filled with tons of cozy charm. Featuring sweet DIY details perfect for the colder months, this lovely barn wedding is getting us in the mood for the upcoming winter wedding season. Indeed, we’re dreaming of soft pashmina’s and hot cocoa parties near a warm […]


The Staal Brothers, Carolina Hurricanes

there were nights when the winds of the etherium, so inviting in their promise of flight and freedom, made one's spirit soar.

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50 Books That Every African American Should Read

This book sparked my interest in African American literature.


Lactarius-indigo (Indigo Milk Mushroom), an indigo-blue-gilled mushroom. Natural habitat:  beneath the oaks and elms of the Southeast.


Mother: I like Neil Young and I wanted to get tickets for his concert, but your father would not go. Me: Really, are you sure you know who he is? Mother: Of course I do - hrmph...and most likely thinking - my stupid children Me: You never know what your parents get up to when you are not around.


This little piggy went to the bottom of the standings. The Carolina Hurricanes, rendered by epoole88. Check out his work at