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Carolus Linnaeus: established the binomial system of scientific nomenclature. Each organism has two names: the genus and spific epithet.


Botanical hunter-gatherers

Botanical illustration by Carl Linnaeus


Another one of my favorite Homo sapiens Biology and Binomial Nomenclature: Happy Birthday, Carl Linnaeus!

from The Whispering Crane Institute

Linnaeus, and the Flower Clock

Linnaeus’ Floral clockLinnaeus observed over a number of years that certain plants constantly opened and closed their flowers at particular times of the day, these times varying from species to species. Hence one could deduce the approximate time of day according to which species had opened or closed their flowers. Arranged in sequence of flowering over the day they constituted a kind of floral clock or horologium florae, as Linnaeus called it in his Philosophia Botanica (1751, pages ...


Pion Design invites you on a flourishing journey in the footsteps of Carl Linnaeus, the Swedish botanist famous for collecting and identifying plants and flowers particulary in the north of Sweden.…