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Infographic: High Performance Habits To Embrace Each Morning

Nice graphic to prepare for the week with less stress and more opportunity to set your intention and meet your expectations. High performance habits to embrace in the morning

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The less you reveal, the more people can wonder. (Lifehack)

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Self care ideas that take 5 minutes or less

Too busy for self care? Here are 12 self care ideas that take just 5 minutes or less

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Self care ideas that take 5 minutes or less

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Self care ideas that take 5 minutes or less

If you don't think you have time for self care, think again! These self care ideas take 5 minutes or less, so there's always time to look after yourself

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You!!! Labeling again and again and again...I refuse to let you or anyone else get to me and I am living my life my way..I know who I am and I do not need your approval or bad your not happy with me standing up for myself..get over it!!!

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Liberosis - a desire to care Less about things - to loosen your grip on your life, to stop glancing behind you every few steps, afraid that someone will snatch it from you before you reach the end zone—rather to hold your life loosely and playfully, like a volleyball, keeping it in the air, with only quick fleeting interventions, bouncing freely in the hands of trusted friends, always in play. Related Tags: #infj #minimalism #mininalist #simpleliving

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Collection of #quotes, love quotes, best life quotes, quotations, cute life quote, and sad life #quote. Visit my blog which is Quotes Life 101.

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Don’t worry, be happy

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