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Looking for something to do with Labels Zoo's cardboard boxes once you've finished with our labels? how awesome is this! DIY maze made from cardboard boxes...this could keep them busy building it and playing in it


Cardboard Box Cars...OMG, my toddler loved this. I have the cutest pics of him in the box car. He was so excitedwhen I was making it. --MSoto

from Meri Cherry

Cardboard Sensory Boxes for Toddlers and Babies

4 Sensory Box Ideas for Babies and Toddlers - What to do with a cardboard Box. The ribbon one pictured is my favorite!


It's a good thing these two find each other so amusing especially when we are attempting to pack a few boxes in preparation for moving. At least if they're in the cot playing they can't get packed up inside a cardboard box. On a side note I can't see how we are ever ever going to get around to packing the other 99% of our things...little and often I think and we'll crack this

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Totally amazing cardboard houses to make for your kids - This cardboard house/castle is a fancy design addition to the child’s room.

from Petit & Small

5 Coolest DIY Kids Toys Made with Cardboard

This is awesome! We had tons of cardboard after we moved - I should of kept it!