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Carbs in brussel sprouts

No Bread Needed: 22 Low-Carb Snack Ideas

It really doesn't get much better than bacon and brussels sprouts — especially for anyone in your life who follows the Paleo diet. This recipe could not be more simple to make, which means it should be a regular addition to your party-appetizer routine. C


Warm Winter Salad Recipes

Whilst the cold weather tends to conjure up the desire for carbs and slow-cooked stews, such a change in diet isn’t great news for our waistlines. If you’re keen to keep it healthy, opt for a warm salad instead; these satisfying recipes are substantial enough to curb winter cravings, simply switch raw ingredients for cooked quinoa or roasted veg and enjoy the nutritional benefits of fresh food with a heartier feel.


Brussels in a hustle


Bacon and Brussels Sprouts Gratin. Bacon, cheese and Brussels Sprouts all baked in a creamy sauce. Sub-pork rinds/Parmesan for bread crumbs


Creamy Mustard Brussels Sprouts Salad (Vegan,Paleo, Pan Fried)

Pan Fried Creamy Mustard Brussels Sprouts Salad! A paleo Brussel Sprouts…


Brussels are one of my favorite vegetables! They are low in calories and so high in numerous vitamins!


Chicken and Brussel Sprouts with Mustard Sauce

Chicken and Brussel Sprouts with Mustard Sauce is a healthy and low carb meal option that tastes amazing and is easy to prepare for your next family dinner.