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Carmel Chex Mix

Caramel Chex Mix - Such an easy party favor/snack. The one in stores uses soy, so I'm so glad there is a recipe for it. I love caramel chex mix! I made it for work this week!

Caramel Chex Mix-Made 2 batches, 1st one was too crunchy so I lowered the heat to 200 and only baked the second for 45 minutes. SOOOO much better. -Brooke

Caramel Chex Mix

I found the recipe! I swear I pinned this, but I must not have. Made this last year, and it was *delicious*. "Christmas Crack" made in a microwave. (image from

Microwave Caramel Chex Mix

On the hunt for caramel chex mix recipes? Brown sugar is the star in this easy concoction and is a snack for kids, easy to make and adults love this easy chex mix, microwave friendly, nonetheless!


Caramel Crispix

Chex Mix Recipes: Caramel Chex Mix. 4 sticks of butter...yikes! Makes a lot, though.

Caramel chex mix I suggest freezing for an hour to harden the butter... it's very sticky otherwise