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Wheel Step - Uses: for gaining easier access to your roof rack, to the engine, and you can use it as a viewing platform and a seat.

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25 DIY Fundamentals

IKEA Shoppers! Learn this knot for tying things down to a trailer or car's roof rack. It's a "trucker's hitch", and it makes getting things tightly lashed down easy.

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1948 Bentley Mk VI Saloon. I was lucky enough to be given a clapped out version of this car by my father in law in 1962. Four and a half litres of pure power and bald tyres to keep his daughter safe! We drove to France in 1965 with roof rack drop side cot and about half a ton of hardboard to paint pictures in the middle of France. Punctured at Abeville on the way out eventually proceeded and got home to London safely with new paintings plus baby.

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