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Captain America Shield Metal

I want to know what happened to him after Steve and Bucky left. How did he manage to get up? Did he lay there for a long time, staring into space? Did he and stare at the shield? I want to know what it was like for him going back. I want to know how people reacted to seeing him.They probably crowded around him, a bunch of voices demanding to know what happened to him? It was Steve and Bucky. Now what do they think of them? Was there silence after they discovered this? I want to know.<<<I…

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After watching Avengers again...

I think they probably dyed the metal, because that's not how paint looks when applied to metal.


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Captain America Prop Replica Shield

"For Justice, for Truth" awesome right? Need this Captain America Shield so badly


Winter Soldier is locked and loaded. His overall is 87. He can snipe players and has great stealth. He also has good strength he lift up street lights with his metal arm. "Bucky Barnes is not here right now"


If you don't ship Stucky, you're wrong, because you don't put up with the shit Bucky Barnes put up with if the other person isn't your soulmate.